Afterpay Gateway Configuration

Configure Afterpay Payment


If you have registered and been approved to support Consumers from both Australia and New Zealand at the same time, you will need repeat these steps twice, once for each region.

Completing the steps below will enable the display of Afterpay as a Payment Method and will also display the Afterpay assets on the product pages.

  1. Login to the eCorner Merchant Backoffice
  1. Navigate to Settings -> Payment
  1. Underneath the "Payment method" Column, Click on (Select entry) .
    Select 'Afterpay'
  1. Underneath the 'Name in shop' Column, enter the text 'Afterpay'



If approved for multiple regions, please enter either 'Afterpay Australia' or 'Afterpay New Zealand' instead of just "Afterpay"

Example of the Afterpay fields entered.

  1. Click 'Save'
  1. Once you click save, a caution triangle and the words 'Complete it' will appear.
    Click 'Complete it'
  1. You will be redirected to the 'Settings' Tab, please enter the details as per below.

Your Afterpay contact will provide you with your Merchant ID and Merchant Secret Key. Each Key can only be used for the relevant Afterpay Region.

Merchant ID

Enter the Merchant ID provided by Afterpay into this field.

Merchant Secret

Enter the Secret Key provided by Afterpay into this field.

Operational Mode


Show Widgets on Product page(s)


This is required to meet Afterpay Integration Branding Standards

Show Widgets on Basket page(s)


This is recommended to be set as Yes, as Afterpay pays for the entire order, not just an individual product

This account is for AUD

Please select based on what agreement was signed with Afterpay.

This account is for NZD

Please select based on what agreement was signed with Afterpay.

  1. Click 'Save'
  1. Navigate to the General
  1. Once you have been redirected to the General Tab, please enter the details as per below.

Internal ID

Leave as is



Default Selection

Optional - This will make Afterpay the first payment option available to the Consumer.

Availability Restriction Minimum Order Value

Leave Blank

Availability Restriction Maximum Order Value

Leave Blank

Allow usage for the following billing addresses

Leave Default

Name in Shop

Leave as is

  1. Underneath the Comment section there is a text editor with a line of icons. Please click the 2nd last icon, which is named 'Source'.
10351035 424424
  1. Select the Copy and Paste it in to the Comment Box
<p>Shop now. Enjoy now. Pay later.</p>
<p>Four Interest-free payments.</p>
<p><a data-link-type="external" data-type="linkpicker" href="" target="_blank">Afterpay Terms and Conditions</a></p>

If completed correctly, it will look like this:

  1. Scroll down and click 'Save'

Afterpay should now be installed and available for use by Consumers.
Afterpay should also be displaying on the Product Pages (if selected correctly) and be displaying as a payment option on the Checkout Page.

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