This endpoint performs a reversal of the checkout that is used to initiate the Afterpay payment process. This will cancel the order asynchronously as soon as it is created without the need of an additional call to the void endpoint. In order for a payment to be eligible, the order must be in an Auth-Approved or Captured state and must be issued within 10 minutes of the order being created.

Success Response (204)

Returns no content in the response.


A Successful Response from the Reversal Endpoint

The Reversal endpoint indicates a successful response with a 204 status code response.

Connection Timeouts

TimeoutTime (seconds)


In addition to the PUT/POST Errors applicable to all PUT endpoints, the following errors are specific to Reverse Payment by Token

HTTP Status CodeerrorCodeDescription
402 Payment Requiredinvalid_tokenInvalid Token
412 Precondition Failedprecondition_failedPayment reversal previously processed
412 Precondition Failedprecondition_failedPayment not eligible for a reversal
412 Precondition Failedprecondition_failedOrder outside reversal window
412 Precondition Failedprecondition_failedOrder in pending reversal, no captures/auth accepted
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