namestring requiredFull name of contact.
Limited to 255 characters
line1string requiredFirst line of the address.
Limited to 128 characters
line2stringSecond line of the address.
Limited to 128 characters.
area1string requiredAU: Suburb
NZ: Town or city
UK: Postal town
US: City
CA: City
Limited to 128 characters
area2stringNZ: suburb
UK: village or local area.
Limited to 128 characters
regionstring requiredAU: State
NZ: Region
UK: County
US: State
CA: Province or Territory
Limited to 128 characters
postcodestring requiredZIP or postal code.
Limited to 128 characters.
countryCodestring requiredThe ISO 3166-1 country code.
Limited to 2 characters
phoneNumberstringThe phone number, in E.123 format.
Limited to 32 characters.

Example Contact object

  "name": "Joe Consumer",
  "line1": "Level 5",
  "line2": "406 Collins Street",
  "area1": "Melbourne",
  "region": "VIC",
  "postcode": "3000",
  "countryCode": "AU",
  "phoneNumber": "0400 000 000"
  "name": "Joe Consumer",
  "line1": "75 Queen St",
  "area1": "Auckland",
  "area2": "Auckland Central",
  "region": "Auckland",
  "postcode": "1010",
  "countryCode": "NZ",
  "phoneNumber": "0200 000 000"
  "name": "Joe Consumer",
  "line1": "3655 Lawton St",
  "area1": "San Francisco",
  "region": "CA",
  "postcode": "94122",
  "countryCode": "US",
  "phoneNumber": "(415) 200-0000"