This section outlines the shortcodes utilised by the Afterpay WooCommerce integration.

Afterpay Product Logo

This is provided for rendering an advanced img tag for displaying the Afterpay logo on individual product pages. The img tag uses the srcset attribute to include 3 different resolutions of the logo for screens with varying pixel density ratios.

Or make 4 payments [OF_OR_FROM] [AMOUNT] with [afterpay_product_logo]

There are 3 different versions of the logo to chose from:

  • colour
  • black
  • white

The default theme is colour. This can be overridden by including a theme attribute inside the shortcode. For example, if you have a dark themed website and wish to use the white mono version of the Afterpay logo:

Or make 4 payments [OF_OR_FROM] [AMOUNT] with [afterpay_product_logo theme="white"]

Afterpay Product Messaging

To use the shortcode on product pages, please make sure the “Payment Info on Individual Product Pages” has been enabled. Edit the text content as appropriate. Optionally, clear the hook name if you would like to disable the default behaviour of rendering the content when the hook is triggered. Instead, the content will then only render wherever the shortcode is added.

Then simply paste [afterpay_paragraph] into the product description, or into a content area using your page builder.

To use the shortcode on custom pages, simply provide a product id in the shortcode.

[afterpay_paragraph id="99"]

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