Using Afterpay analytics

Setting up Afterpay analytics collection

Afterpay analytics are collected as part of the AfterpayJS library. The Afterpay JavaScript library must be included in all pages where analytics metrics might be gathered.

To include the Afterpay JavaScript library in a page, add the following <script> tag in the <head> HTML section:

<script src=""</script>

Order confirmation analytics

Afterpay analytics records an order_confirmation event each time a customer reaches an order confirmation screen. Each order confirmation event records whether Afterpay was used, as well as the order value, currency, merchant ID, and order ID.

is_afterpay_usedbooleanIf true, Afterpay was used to pay for this order.
merchant_idstringAfterpay merchant ID.
order_amountstringValue of the order that has been captured.
order_currencystringThe currency of the order, using ISO 4217 currency codes.
order_idstring (optional)Optional field containing the merchant identifier of this order.

If a USD 100 order was completed on your site using Afterpay with an Order Number of 11443 you would use the following attributes:

AfterPay.analyticsEvent('order_confirmation', {
    is_afterpay_used: true,
    merchant_id: '1123533532',
    order_amount: '100',
    order_currency: 'USD',
    order_id: '11443'