Add Payment Option

How can I add Afterpay as a payment option at checkout?


Completing the below steps will enable and display Afterpay as a Payment Method.

  1. Get started by clicking on the following link:
  1. Click "Connect" to link your Afterpay account.
  1. Shopify will ask you to grant Afterpay permission to process orders & refunds. Click "Install app" to continue.
  1. Select the country of your Afterpay account and verify your identity with email or Merchant credentials:
  • ✉️   (Email) Sign in with the email you used to complete the merchant application. A verification code will be emailed to you to confirm your identity.


  • optional: 🔑   (Credentials) Click "Activate with Merchant ID and Secret Key" to connect your Afterpay account with your API credentials, issued to you when you completed onboarding.
  1. Once redirected back to your Shopify payment settings, click "Activate Afterpay (New)".


Do Not Enable Test Mode

Do not check this, the integration will not work
The ‘Enable test mode’ checkbox/function is only applicable for dedicated test websites.
Advise your Afterpay Account Manager should test credentials be required.

        Afterpay will only appear on your store's checkout after you have completed this last step.