Setting up Afterpay with PrestaShop

Afterpay has a module that can be installed in the back office admin area for PrestaShop.


Before you begin

  1. In the Modules section of the PrestaShop admin area, select Module Catalog.
  2. Enter Afterpay in the module search box.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Select Configure. The Afterpay configuration panel will be displayed.
  5. Enter your merchant ID and secret key and your API region and environment.
  6. Click Save in the lower-right.
Module is enabledYes - Afterpay turned on
No - Afterpay disabled
API RegionAustralia
New Zealand
United States
Merchant IDYour 9 digit Afterpay Merchant ID
Secret KeyYour 128 character Afterpay secret key
API EnvironmentSandbox
Minimum Payment Limit / Maximum Payment LimitCurrent minimum and maximum Afterpay order thresholds. These values are for information purposes and can not be customized.
Restricted CategoriesThis enables the user to restrict Afterpay to the selected product categories.

Store currency and language

The module relies on a dedicated Website Scope being used for each market region (country) with a corresponding Base Currency and Languages set in the PrestaShop admin area.

Check that the store's base currency is set to one of the following: USD, AUD, NZD, or CAD ($).
To set the Base Currency, go to "International", select the "Localization" page and use the "Default currency" option from the "Configuration" section.

For more information visit this section of the PrestaShop 1.7 & PrestaShop 1.6 documentation

Testing your configuration

  1. Navigate to a product page to check whether Afterpay appears as a payment option. If the Afterpay widget does not appear, check that you have entered your Afterpay credentials correctly when setting up the Afterpay module.
  2. If Afterpay appeared correctly as a payment option, go to the checkout page to test that the Afterpay information is displaying correctly.


If Afterpay does not update/display as expected, please provide staff access to your PrestaShop admin panel for our Integration Support Team.

Please send an email to [email protected] adding:

  • Admin panel url
  • Admin panel user
  • Admin panel password