Configure Extension

What settings are required for the Magento 2 extension?

1. Basic Settings

  1. Login to Magento Admin and go to Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods → Afterpay (scroll to bottom)

  2. Enter Basic Settings




Yes - Afterpay turned on
No - Afterpay disabled

API Mode

Sandbox - for development or staging environments
Production - for your live website


Installments by Afterpay - the title of payment method at checkout

Merchant ID

Your 9 digit Sandbox or Production Afterpay Merchant ID

Merchant Key

Your Sandbox or Production Afterpay Secret Key

Payment Action

Authorise and Capture

2. Advanced Settings

  1. Enter Advanced Settings



Minimum/Maximum Order Total

Click *Update Limits button to obtain your current minimum and maximum Afterpay order thresholds

Cross-Border Trade

Enabled - this is enabled via speaking to your Afterpay Representative


Yes - Debug logs are written to [Magento]/var/log/afterpay.log
No - Disabled

Display on Product Page

Yes - Afterpay Displays on Product Page

Display on Cart Page

Yes - Magento Checkout - proceed to checkout pagee as normal
Yes - Express Checkout - enable Aftepray express checkout from cart page
No - Afterpay will not display at Cart page

Sort Order

(Order of payment methods at checkout)

HTTP Version Header Support

No - normal value
Yes - if "Invalid header line detected" errors occur

Exclude Category

Select relevant categories to exclude Afterpay from being available.

Payment Flow

Immediate Payment Flow - Capture full payment
Deferred Payment Flow - Capture incremental amounts as items are despatched

3. Express Checkout Settings



Enabled for Product Page

Yes - Can checkout directly from Product Page

Enabled for Cart Page

Yes - Can checkout directly from Cart Page

Enabled for Mini-Cart Page

Yes - Can checkout directly from Mini-Cart

4. Country Specific Settings

  1. Enter Country Specific Settings
  • Set Payment from Applicable Countries to "Specific Countries"
  • Set Payment from Specific Countries to United States, Australia, or New Zealand
  1. Click Save Config in the top right corner

  2. Flush the Magento System Cache

  • Go to System → Cache Management
  • Click Flush Cache Storage button in the upper right corner

What’s Next

Get added to the Afterpay Shop Directory

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