Configure Extension

What settings are required for the Magento 1 Extension?

Follow the steps below to set up Afterpay in Magento Admin


You need a Merchant ID and Merchant Key from Afterpay to complete these steps. Please contact your Afterpay account manager if you do not have these.

1. Enter Payment Method Settings

  • Go to System → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods → Afterpay
  • Enter the values in the table below




Yes - Afterpay turned on
No - Afterpay disabled

API Mode

Sandbox - for development or staging environments
Production - for your live website

Merchant ID

Your 9 digit Sandbox or Production Afterpay Merchant ID

Merchant Key

Your Sandbox or Production Afterpay Secret Key

Minimum Order Total / Maximum Order Total

Click Update Limits button to obtain your current minimum and maximum Afterpay order thresholds

Sort Order

Order of payment methods at checkout (optional)

2. Enter Afterpay Settings

  • Go to System → Configuration → Sales → Afterpay
  • Enter the values in the table below
  • Click Save Config in the top right corner



Debug Mode

Yes - Debug logs are written to [Magento]/var/log/afterpay.log
No - Disabled

Show installments amount on product pages


Product Price Block selectors

All CSS selectors of elements that hold product prices on PDP pages

Show Afterpay on Cart Page

Yes - Magento Checkout - Proceed to checkout as pere normal payment flow
Yes - Afterpay Express Checkout - enable Aftepray express checkout from cart page
No - Afterpay will not display at Cart page

Express Checkout Public Key

Key to be provided by your Afterpay Delivery Manager to enable Afterpay Express Payments

Payment Method Display

Show Installments Amount


Payment Display Method



4. Flush the Magento System Cache

  • Go to System → Cache Management
  • Click Flush Cache Storage button in the upper right corner

What’s Next

Get added to the Afterpay Shop Directory

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