Supported Countries

Afterpay is available for Lightspeed merchants with a store in these countries:

  • 🇦🇺 Australia

1. Afterpay Gateway Configuration

1.1 Install Afterpay APP

Completing the below steps will enable Afterpay as a Payment Method and display the Afterpay assets on the product pages.

  1. Login to your eCommerce Store
  1. Navigate to Apps
  1. Enter 'Afterpay' in the search field at the top right
  1. Click Install
  2. You will be asked to ‘Install Afterpay Payment Integration’
    • Enter your Website Username/ Password
    • Click ‘Next’
  1. Notification of Plugin required access will be displayed
    • Review access requirements
    • Click ‘Grant Access’
  1. Login or Create a New AdVision Lightspeed eComm App account (if you don’t have one)
    • Click ‘Login’ or ‘Register now’
  1. You will be redirected to the Afterpay Payment Gateway settings page.
    • If not, Navigate to Apps > Purchased Apps > Afterpay Payment

2. App Configuration

If you're not already on the configuration panel, to get to your Afterpay APP configuration panel.

  1. Login to your eCommerce Store
  2. Navigate to Apps > Purchased Apps > Afterpay Payment
  3. Click on Afterpay Payment Integration
  4. Click go to APP at the top right

Next, follow the steps below to complete your configuration.

  1. Enable the "Active" Checkbox ( to the right of the first APP option )
  1. Scroll down and use the Afterpay Setup Values and Page Values to configure your APP.

3. Afterpay Setup Values

DisplayAfterpay - Pay by Installments
Merchant IDEnter the Merchant ID provided by Afterpay into this field.
Secret KeyEnter the Secret Key provided by Afterpay into this field.
Currency CodeAUD
Auto Generate OrderTick Enabled
Show Instructions to CustomerLeave Blank
Button Text ColorLeave Blank
Button Background ColorLeave Blank
AfterPay Min (per your contract)0
Unless otherwise specified by Afterpay
AfterPay Max (per your contract)2000
Unless otherwise specified by Afterpay
Widget Logo ColorColour should be selected as the default option.

Black or White is only approved for certain circumstances*
Widget Background ColorLeft as default
Widget Text ColorLeft as default
Widget PositionTarget Existing Element and Show Next to it
Widget Target Element.price

please ensure you include the full stop. at the start of price
Widget Target ActionInsert After Target

*If deviation from the recommended options are listed above, Afterpay may request updates to the settings to meet Branding Guidelines.
Retailer Resources:

Example of the APP Configuration Panel completed.


4. Page Settings

These can all be left blank.

Logo URLLeave blank
Background ColorLeave blank
Custom CSSLeave blank
Text ColorLeave blank
Custom JavascriptLeave blank

Here is an example of how the Page Settings will look


5. Final Steps

Once all details have been entered.
Scroll to the bottom and click 'Save Settings'


Scroll to the bottom again and click 'Check Install (Publish Changes)'.


A banner will display advising the Install has been checked.


Afterpay should now be installed and available for use by Consumers.
Afterpay should also be displaying on the Product Pages and as a payment option on the Checkout Page.