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Afterpay Site Messaging

How can I add Afterpay Site Messaging to my product and cart pages?

Open Script Manager

BigCommerce Dashboard > Storefront > Script Manager

Script manager allows us to add our code to your store.

Create a Script

Click 'Create a Script'

Add Script Details

  • Fill out the information as shown below:
  • Name of Script: Afterpay Messaging
  • Description Place Afterpay Site Messaging on product and cart pages
  • Location on page: Footer
  • Select pages where script will be added: Store Pages
  • Script Category: Functional
  • Script type: Script

Add Script Contents

Copy the following script:

<!-- Begin Afterpay Stencil Snippet for BigCommerce v3.1.0 -->
{{#or (if page_type '===' 'product') (if page_type '===' 'cart')}}
    {{#if page_type '===' 'product'}}
        let targetSelector = '.productView .productView-price';
    {{#if product.price.with_tax}}
        let priceSelector = '.productView-price .price--withTax';
        let cachedAmount = '{{product.price.with_tax.value}}';
        let priceSelector = '.productView-price .price--withoutTax';
        let cachedAmount = '{{product.price.without_tax.value}}';
    {{else if page_type '===' 'cart'}}
        let targetSelector = 'ul.cart-totals li.cart-total:last-child';
        let priceSelector = '.cart-total-grandTotal';
        let cachedAmount = '{{cart.grand_total.value}}';
        const locales = {
            AUD: 'en_AU',
            NZD: 'en_NZ',
            USD: 'en_US',
        const init = function(){
                targetSelector: targetSelector,
                attributes: {
                    locale: locales['{{currency_selector.active_currency_code}}'],
                    currency: '{{currency_selector.active_currency_code}}',
                    amount: cachedAmount,
        const script = document.createElement('script');
        script.src = "";
        script.dataset.min = "1.00";
    {{#if currency_selector.active_currency_code "==" "USD"}}
        script.dataset.max = "1000.00";
        script.dataset.max = "2000.00";
        script.onload = function () {
            setInterval(() => {
                if (cachedAmount != document.querySelector(priceSelector).innerText) {
                   cachedAmount = document.querySelector(priceSelector).innerText;
                   if (document.querySelector('afterpay-placement')) {
                       document.querySelector('afterpay-placement').dataset.amount = cachedAmount;
                   } else {
            }, 400);
<!-- End Afterpay Stencil Snippet for BigCommerce v3.1.0 -->

Place it into the Script contents box and click Save.

Example of our code copied to Script contents

You should now see Afterpay's messaging underneath the price of products and the cart total.

Updated 6 months ago

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Afterpay Site Messaging

How can I add Afterpay Site Messaging to my product and cart pages?

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