Getting Started

What Is Afterpay messaging?

Making your customers aware that Afterpay is available early on helps you improve conversion and average order value.

Afterpay Messaging is a great way to let them know installments by Afterpay are available before they decide to buy.

The Afterpay Messaging Widget takes care of:

  1. Calculating and displaying the Installment Amount
  2. Displaying the Afterpay Information Modal when a customer clicks on the ⓘ icon


Using the Afterpay Messaging assets will ensure:

  1. You meet Afterpay’s compliance criteria: You can always be sure you are using the latest terms of service, up to date with the latest regulatory information & brand identity, and displaying correct product and fee information.
  2. You maximize the benefits of Afterpay: Our best practice recommendations are tried, tested, and proven to optimize your checkout funnel.

What’s Next