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Font size on afterpay-paragraph

Hi there, I am trying to align the font size of the afterpay-paragraph inside the shadow root to that on my product display page. Your previous advice on this forum of styling afterpay-placement seems not to work; the shadow root includes a style tag that overwrites the size of the text despite what I set on afterpay-placement. The only thing that has an effect is data-size and none of these give the size I need. Any advice? Using your plugin on WooCommerce.

iOS - How can we show/hide the "Info" hyperlink on the end of the price breakdown view?

Hello. We're displaying the price breakdown view in a few of our checkout screens in our app, but we would like to hide the "Info" hyperlink in one of the screens that has a more compact layout than the other screens. Is there any way we hide the "Info" link? According to the code for the PriceBreakdownView class, the "Info" hyperlink is a private class property that doesn't allow for the text to be configurable, nor is there any public interface for showing/hiding it.... // PriceBreakdownView.swift public final class PriceBreakdownView: UIView { private func updateAttributedText() { // ... let linkAttributes = textAttributes.merging([.link: infoLink]) { $1 } let link = NSAttributedString(string: Strings.info, attributes: linkAttributes) let strings = badgeAndBreakdown + [space, link] // ... } And here's a link to the developer docs: https://github.com/afterpay/sdk-ios#price-breakdown Thanks for your help!

How can I programmatically close the AfterPay iFrame

The AfterPay iFrame is remaining displayed even when a session times/errors out. Is there a way to? programmatically close the AfterPay iFrame

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

i have my merchent id but how to add my simple html website ?


How can I move where Afterpay displays on the product detail page?

Currently Afterpay is displaying below the product description, but I want to move it so it displays after the product price, how can I achieve this? I'm assuming via xml layout files, but I'm not sure of the references?

Showing afterpay installments on collections page Shopify

Hey i am trying to find some information on how to add an installment prices below the price on my stores collections pages, this means customers wouldn't need to enter the specific product to find out what they're paying. I can't seem to find anything in the documentation or on the internet. It seems like something so simple. please help :)

How to hide "available for orders between $1 – $2,000 on Variable Product Page"

inc/woo/product.php add_action(‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, array(WC_Gateway_Afterpay::getInstance(), ‘print_info_for_product_detail_page’), 11, 0); which shows the Afterpay info on product page, but I don’t need this <available for orders between $1 – $2,000 ⓘ> to show up on Variable Products. https://snipboard.io/zKZsOB.jpg


Hello, I want to report 2 requests that were made to me

Afterpay causes the CLS issue on Shopify

Hi. We have the Afterpay code installed on our website. The issue is that afterpay text block appears on the page after page load that causing CLS issues in the Google Search console. Is there any way we can "reserve" the space for afterpay (hopefully, natively)? We're using the snippet version 1.0.8, the website is https://yourcatbackpack.com/ Thank you.