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How to change the style of payment information on the product page?

I want to change the style of payment information. How can I change it

Afterpay showing on Products with a price higher than $2000

Hi. we are using Afterpay on our Shopify website and noticed that products over $2000 are not displaying the Afterpay information on the products pages. Can you just change the code to reflect a higher pay solve this product or does Afterpay set a limit to only $2000: // var afterpay_min = 0.04; // As per your Afterpay contract. // var afterpay_max = 2000.00; // As per your Afterpay contract. >>>> change to // var afterpay_max = 10000.00; // As per your Afterpay contract.

How to remove the 'A' before the $symbol in AU?

when i change the config to AU, there always show an 'A' before the symbol $

An `A` before symbol $, the default behavior for AU?

Hi there, here is the js for me to refer https://static-us.afterpay.com/javascript/present-afterpay.js And my apConfig is ` afterpayLogoColor: "white" amount: 5200 currency: "AUD" hideInterestFree: true locale: "en_AU" minMaxThreshold: {min: 0, max: 100000} priceSelector: ".price_installment" replaceModalOpenIcon: "i" showUpperLimit: false ` And found that there is a character `A` before $. Is this the default behavior? Thanks

Sequence >> allfenix.com

Hi, I would like to make the sequence correct. Are you able to help me? https://prnt.sc/5gxkymHNUmGM I want to move the Afterpay section below the product price. Can you please refer to the draft theme, yet? https://prnt.sc/jqAmFi12c20W

Test Merchant Credentials

Hi, Can you share a test merchant credentials for me to test the api in the sandbox?

Price before Afterpay message

I have used the Afterpay snippet but the price is now after how can i have the price first and afterpay snippet on new line after https://lonvitalite.com/collections/best-seller/products/c8-new-look-collagen-crystal-eye-mask

Afterpay on product page

Can we enable Afterpay as express checkout on the product page?


Is there a phone number i can call about my account?


Why is my account frozen how to find out about a frozen account