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Download Settlement Reports via API

We need to download Settlement Reports via REST API using Merchant Id & Secret Key, Is there any endpoint or way to do it?

Afterpay placement, 2 on the same screen with different values

Is there a way in creating multiple placements on the same page, IE: one for a quick cart that creates is based on the cart total, and another that is based on the product page? IE: with Afterpay.createPlacements({ }) defining the name of the placements, so <afterpay-placement> and another on is <afterpay-placement-quickcart>

Secret Key

Hi, we are setting up a new shopify store, and need the secret key to link afterpay, merchant id 102702 Thanks Joe

Add express checkout button on cart page in bigcommerce

Hello Support, Our website has AfterPay - https://premiertrampolines.com.au/cart.php Website is developed using Bigcommerce. I want to add checkout with afterpay button on cart page. For that I have referred this link https://developers.afterpay.com/afterpay-online/reference/adding-afterpay-to-your-site Added this code in base.html https://prnt.sc/20xlwon Added this code in cart.html https://prnt.sc/20xlx7f But it's not working. Can you please help how to add Afterpay express checkout button on cart page in Bigcommerece? Please send sample code for that. Thanks Mahesh

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

i have my merchent id but how to add my simple html website ?


How can I move where Afterpay displays on the product detail page?

Currently Afterpay is displaying below the product description, but I want to move it so it displays after the product price, how can I achieve this? I'm assuming via xml layout files, but I'm not sure of the references?

Showing afterpay installments on collections page Shopify

Hey i am trying to find some information on how to add an installment prices below the price on my stores collections pages, this means customers wouldn't need to enter the specific product to find out what they're paying. I can't seem to find anything in the documentation or on the internet. It seems like something so simple. please help :)

How to hide "available for orders between $1 – $2,000 on Variable Product Page"

inc/woo/product.php add_action(‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’, array(WC_Gateway_Afterpay::getInstance(), ‘print_info_for_product_detail_page’), 11, 0); which shows the Afterpay info on product page, but I don’t need this <available for orders between $1 – $2,000 ⓘ> to show up on Variable Products. https://snipboard.io/zKZsOB.jpg


Hello, I want to report 2 requests that were made to me

Afterpay causes the CLS issue on Shopify

Hi. We have the Afterpay code installed on our website. The issue is that afterpay text block appears on the page after page load that causing CLS issues in the Google Search console. Is there any way we can "reserve" the space for afterpay (hopefully, natively)? We're using the snippet version 1.0.8, the website is https://yourcatbackpack.com/ Thank you.

how to find my afterpay secret key

afterpay secret key find so i can coy and paste to my wix after pay

How to reverse a refund with in-store API?

I'm a developer, test in-store API in sandbox. I created a refund, then I send a request to refunds/reverse, it returns success. but when I check the order details. the refund still exists. Does something wrong? How the refund reversal works?

I wonder to know how after payworks for a retail business? looking to sign up


Hide Afterpay on specific Shopify product

How do I hide the messaging on specific products that are too expensive for Afterpay? I tried the suggestions in this other thread but none work: https://developers.afterpay.com/afterpay-online/discuss/60932fedcf317d0066caeddd Tried adding this code to product.liquid: <script> {% if product.id == 6644519370834 %} $('.afterpay-paragraph').remove() {% endif %} </script> But no luck. (On Shopify Plus)

Copy to code page

I can’t copy the code from here and paste to my code page. It will paste to other programs. Using an iPad, no keyboard

why my afterpay on shopify did not accept any payment?

why my afterpay on shopify did not accept any payment? I need help afterpay on my online store in shopify did not accept any payment so my customer can not use afterpay for purchase could some one help me pls.

How to get the latest annotation for the modal with latest copyright year?

Currently, using `present-afterpay.js` is showing with &copy; 2019 instead of &copy; 2020 or a latest year.

Not working for some of the product

Hey guys, I successfully attached all the stuff which are required to rendered the afterpay. It is working in some of the products but few products which are not in stock, Afterway on-site messaging is not working. Can you please have a look and provide your views why this is happening. I am attaching the sample products for you, Afterpays' message is not appearing : https://medleyjewellery.com.au/products/astrape-necklace-set-gold Afterpays' message is appearing : https://medleyjewellery.com.au/products/ball-fancy-necklace-silver Thank you Kindly regards, Esha

Afterpay widget only showing on product page and cart after refreshing page

Hello. I just installed afterpay and noticed the widget below pricing only shows after I have selected a product and then refreshed the page. Why isn't it showing when I first click the product or go to the cart page? website: www.shopnellybeauty.com