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Instore purchase

How do I add instore purchases using Afterpay card to our business account, we don't use a POS system for payments just a eftpos terminal

How to participate in Afterpay Day

Hi all, I've recently added afterpay payment to my website, could I ask how do I participate in Afterpay Day?

Support resources

Can U help to unfreeze my account

How much a fortnightly payment of the amount of $1998 please

How much would I pay fortnightly on an amount of $1998 please

Afterpay and Amazon

I’m using Afterpay to pay for a Amazon order. I’ve never had any problems using Afterpay for over a year almost two. Amazon waits a day or two then keeps telling me to update my payment. I used the one time use Afterpay card and I did NOT select default payment. I don’t see the Amazon purchase on my Afterpay either. PLEASE HELP!!!

my after pay keeps getting declined.

so i’ve been trying to buy something with after pay and i have more than enough money on my card. HELP

Currency not supported

we have a Woocommerce multisite which has four country segmented sites. AU NZ US and CA. Afterpay works on AU but no other site. when we try checkout with Afterpay in NZ the error is Sorry, there was a problem preparing your payment. (Error #422: Currency not supported for this merchant) how can we fix this

A hackered account

How do I get my cbiks off my account

How to After pay Font size decrease

How to After pay Font size decrease please help me after pay font size manage

How to change the display position of payment information on the product page

If you want to customize the display position on the product page, how can you change it? Thank you