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Afterpay widget only showing on product page and cart after refreshing page

Hello. I just installed afterpay and noticed the widget below pricing only shows after I have selected a product and then refreshed the page. Why isn't it showing when I first click the product or go to the cart page? website: www.shopnellybeauty.com

My Afterpay app wont open. Can you please help

I have downloaded the app several times but after it downloads it disappears when I click on it. I have checked for updateds and i have turned my iphone on and off but to no avail. Can you help please Kind Regards krissie

My after pay app won’t open

My after pay app won’t open

Afterpay message not showing when variant selected

The message is showing when the product loads, however, seem to disappear after the user selects a variant. Any way to keep the message there the whole time?

Error with payment

Hi!!! I accidentally paid off with upfront payment of shopping - almost 90% of my bills which I wanted to actually pay with instalment. I emptied my bank account and it has become very inconvenient. Is it possible to refund me and just take the money like it is supposed to , since at Myer there was issue with taking off the money via after pay so while trying to fix paying it, I accidentally off my instalment payment . Well I ended up paying 500$+ for shoes which didn’t work with after pay but those already in account got cleared accidentally.

after pay merchant id and secretkey

where do i find the merchant id and secretkey

Variant Price Calculation

Hi! I'm having an issue with the correct price being displayed with Afterpay when a variant of a product is selected. the payment instalments seem to remain the same for each variant when selecting a different variant. is it possible to adjust so that the instalments change according to what's been selected?

HELP MERCHANT ERROR "Your payment can’t be processed for technical reasons. Try again or use a different payment method."

I am a merchant and have just updated my shopify theme. My Afterpay has stopped working and customers are getting the following messages: "Your payment can’t be processed for technical reasons. Try again or use a different payment method." It only stopped working a few days ago since the barcode upgrade and Im stressed. Can anyone help?

Problem if a plugin Afterpay Gateway para WooCommerce

I'm trying to enable the plugin in my e-commerce, however, an error that every time I try to enable it it disables it automatically. How can I fix this error? My site is https://lkcollective.online/

How to show Afterpay Widget on a product page built using an app like Zipify Pages, Gempages or Shogun?

How to show Afterpay Widget on a product page built using an app like Zipify Pages, Gempages or Shogun? Those apps can publish Shopify Product page templates (/products) however the Afterpay widget doesn't show up on those as they do on product pages that use the default Theme template.

Afterpay icon on checkout page only

We do not want the Afterpay icon on the cart page, checkout page only. What do you suggest?

adding afterpay snippet to shopify buy button

I have used these instructions which worked in adding the afterpay snippet to the main Shopify website (near the price of each product). https://developers.afterpay.com/afterpay-online/v1/docs/shopify-aunz-afterpay-product-page-display#configuration However, my client is using a Squarespace site, with the products uploaded through a Shopify buy button. This snippet is then not appearing on the popup 'open product details'. Can someone please help me add the afterpay snippet to this section.

Implementing after pay on product page

Hey, I have an out of sandbox theme, trying to implement after pay show on the product page, it is working for cart and checkout but I need it on the product page too. the website is https://vulkanstore.com/collections/mens-jiujitsu-gis/products/pro-stealth-jiu-jitsu-gi-white or maybe what I need to change on the code from after pay to the correct class Thanks

AfterPay Messaging

Hi, We need to integrate Afterpay messaging, I checked the following URL https://developers.afterpay.com/afterpay-online/docs/afterpay-messaging We have following questions: 1) Can we customize the full message instead of just one word through "data-intro-text" attribute. 2) Klarna provides functionality to customize the message in there portal. Do we have similar functionality in AfterPay or we can leverage only "afterpay-placement" tag? Thanks

Updating variants on change? no working with data-amount-selector

Hi There, I am working on the <afterpay-placement>, and I can't seem to get the #productPrice selector to dynamically adjust the placement text when selecting variant product. the site platform is shopify. when i load directly into the variant it displays the correct calculation, but when i change it does not update. The variant id's are: <span class="price-item price-item--sale" id="productPrice"> $35.95 </span> <span class="price-item price-item--sale" id="productPrice"> $39.95 </span> theme.liquid script inclusion is: <script src="https://js.afterpay.com/afterpay-1.x.js" async></script> product liquid is: <afterpay-placement data-locale="en_AU" data-currency="AUD" data-amount-selector="#productPrice" ></afterpay-placement>

Afterpay product page display disappearing

On Heycysters.com in our product pages the Afterpay product information is disappearing after the page loads. I'm clueless as to how to fix this issue, cany help is appreciated!

Show Afterpay messaging in a tooltip

I'm trying to get the afterpay messaging to display inside a tooltip rather than on the product page itself. So that customers hover over the afterpay logo and the '4 interest-free installments of $x.xx with afterpay' displays then. Using BigCommerce, how could i acomplish this?

How can I show the afterpay widget after the add to cart button?

Hi, Right now, On my website, Afterpay is showing after the price. I want to show the widget after the add to cart button, Can you please let me know how can I change this position on product deyail page

Custom design shopping cart integration

My client wants to use Afterpay in a custom designed shopping cart. Is this possible using the API? Is there a starter guide on this type of integration?

Afterpay Messaging

Hi, I am with Shopify, and am wondering if there is a way to display the Afterpay installment messaging for each product listed on the collections page as well as the featured collections segment on the landing page. (i.e. to display "or make 4 interest-free payments of $xx.xx AUD fortnightly with Afterpay" for each product shown on the page). Hope I can get some help here. Cheers.