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How to add Afterpay as an Express Checkout option - Shopify?

For everybody familiar with Shopify, the check out process is usually in 4 steps. Currently, customers have to manually fill out the information and on the last page, somehow work out to click the 'card' drop-down menu to be presented with a small blue link labelled 'Alternative payment method'. This is not a practical set-up for customers wanting a more transparent and intuitive checkout process using Afterpay. So... Does anybody want to put their hand up at Shopify or Afterpay to join forces and save the world from a common sense glitch?

After pay Messaging on Shopify product quick view page

I am using AfterPay and all Afterpay Messaging are showing on product page and cart page but not showing on the quick view page .

Afterpay Messaging Restrictions

Hello, I'm implementing the Afterpay messaging widget in a Shopify site. I understand that there are compliance restrictions regarding the specific text of the messaging widget. Can you please help me better understand these restrictions? I'd like to use the phrase "Afterpay financing available. Learn more." Is it possible to use this text rather than the existing messaging widget verbiage?

Authorization time

Hello Team, Can you advice for how long authorization is living in the system and available for capture? I understood that it has it's expiration time but could not find the value. I assume this can be negotiated for custom goods / furniture sort of businesses. Thanks, Alex

Download Settlement Reports via API

We need to download Settlement Reports via REST API using Merchant Id & Secret Key, Is there any endpoint or way to do it?

Afterpay placement, 2 on the same screen with different values

Is there a way in creating multiple placements on the same page, IE: one for a quick cart that creates is based on the cart total, and another that is based on the product page? IE: with Afterpay.createPlacements({ }) defining the name of the placements, so <afterpay-placement> and another on is <afterpay-placement-quickcart>

Secret Key

Hi, we are setting up a new shopify store, and need the secret key to link afterpay, merchant id 102702 Thanks Joe

Add express checkout button on cart page in bigcommerce

Hello Support, Our website has AfterPay - https://premiertrampolines.com.au/cart.php Website is developed using Bigcommerce. I want to add checkout with afterpay button on cart page. For that I have referred this link https://developers.afterpay.com/afterpay-online/reference/adding-afterpay-to-your-site Added this code in base.html https://prnt.sc/20xlwon Added this code in cart.html https://prnt.sc/20xlx7f But it's not working. Can you please help how to add Afterpay express checkout button on cart page in Bigcommerece? Please send sample code for that. Thanks Mahesh

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

How can I add afterpay logo in my Shopify footer?

i have my merchent id but how to add my simple html website ?